We're glad that you stopped by to find out more about Psealms and who we are,

Psealms Photo & Film or just call us "Psealms" (read: /'samz/) created in 2016 by Melanie & Jesse, sharing the same passion to deliver our creativity and arts through the lens.

We have been working together for several years, until 2016 we decided to create Psealms to capture more moments shared by The Territorians. We love working with couples, families, group of friends or even a project manager, in every beautiful moments, chasing the golden sunset in Mindil beach with wind between your hair, enchanted by wedding with a million of fairy lights in the middle of NT's bushland, hike to the top of Ubir Rock in Kakadu to capture your stunning engagement, or documenting blissful rituals and traditions to name a few.

We are not a fan of those traditional images taken at the same usual locations (- so much to explore in the Northern Territory, isn't? ) and with the same way of posing, or those over edited images, no. That's why we're here to bring you, a different approach and style of photography.

We stay away from traditional, we run towards unconventional, we break the rules a little, no more stiff looking images.

We believe our style of documenting your days are different, it is artistic, creative and authentic, we're not your traditional photographers, we bring new tone & style of photography.

We are the storyteller of your realest moments, we capture the images that are raw, honest and will fill your heart with joy. We value emotion and determined to have fun. We want to be there for every moments of yours, all the moments in between, to capture you, your laugh and those overjoyed tears.



She is Psealms' main photographer, she's a travelling soul, adventurous, she love meeting new people. Although she will arrive at your momentous day as a photographer, she will leave as your friend. Melanie will find the real magic, find the moments and crafting the beautiful images in those unexpected places. She can help you posing, turn your "unphotogenic" to be "photogenic" but she always prefer those natural emotions. She feel things deeply, she shed tears at almost every weddings (don't worry she won't be loud), she moved by the little things, that's why she knows where and when to click the button, to freeze and capture those precious touching moments, to make them lasts and unforgettable.

Melanie also the one to chat with, handle all your queries and meet you at your pre-wedding consultation.



One promise,

Psealms is our passion

we love what we do

so we pour our whole hearts into it


With love,


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